30 May 2020

Director Health Services Of Himachal Pradesh Granted Conditional Bail On Medical Scamp

Even as the covid-19 pandemic has been creating havoc in the country many people have been involved in their criminal activities which cannot be revoked.

Medical scamps are also being surfaced these days and one such scam has come up from Himachal Pradesh.

In Himachal Pradesh Director of Health Services Ajay Kumar Gupta had been arrested on charges of medical purchase scamp.

However yesterday he was granted conditional bail as to the spread of covid-19 the court is granting bails two people so that the spread of covid-19 could not affect jails.

The court has granted him bail on the surety and personal bond of Rs 2 Lakh each.

The court has also directed him not to influence and talk to any witnesses in the case.  He will have to be all the time available whenever necessary as long as the investigation has been going on.  he should also have to co-operate in the investigation of the case and fulfill all the norms.

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