30 May 2020

Lockdown 5.0 May Give Relaxation To Tourism And Hospitality

Even as a fight for covid-19 pandemic has been increasingly high by union government of India.

Many relaxations have been given in Lockdown 4.0. many industries as well as to the people of the country amid covid-19.  Even as the number of cases have been increasing day by day in the country. Still following social distancing norms and covid-19 relaxation in the lockdown 4.0 has been given.

Now when lockdown 4.0 is ending on May 31st that is tomorrow.  It is expected that the union government will go ahead for lockdown 5.0 which will have many relaxations in the industrial sector.

It is also expected that apart from red zones and containment area other parts of the country will be open for business.  

There may be relaxation in the field of tourism and hospitality as government has started Aviation Services and Railways.

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