30 May 2020

US President Donald Trump Bans Some Chinese Nationals In US Universities

US China ties are now facing rough pages and is being hit directly as US President Donald Trump issued a series of measures targeting Beijing.

in an unprecedented decision US President Donald Trump has suspended some Chinese nationals from entering US universities and had also attract China of overtaking and snatching away of Hong Kong independence.

All this has been done when at many a times US President Donald Trump have targeted China for the out spreading of covid-19 pandemic to the world.

US President Donald Trump while addressing a Press Conference has said that China had deliberately bread covid-19 among the world which has caused millions of lives.  

He also added that they have ripped off US as no one ever have done.  he also added that us has been terminating all its ties with World Health organisation as they have been supporting China by not bringing the facts in front of world regarding covid-19.

Trump have last month suspended all the monetary help which US was providing to WHO and had also accused WHO for promoting China false propaganda over covid-19 which had taken millions of lies across the globe.

US President Donald Trump has also as the administration to abolish special treatment which has been provided to Hong Kong by US after China had proposed to new laws to the occupied territory.

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