26 May 2020

Local Residents Of West Bengal Are Demanding Restoration Of Water Supply And Electricity

As per reports after cyclone amphan that had struck Odisha and West Bengal even after 6 days many parts of these States are still struggling to get back on track.

Cyclone Amphan was one of the worst cyclone that has struck Indian coast.  Strong winds had raised up to 170 km per hour had destructed various villages from the cities as road but totally struck off which had disrupted entry to these villages.

One such tail has been coming up from Baghajatin in West Bengal near Kolkata.  Where even after 6 days have passed when cyclone Amphan had struck villages are longing for electricity and water.

Despite district administration verdict that West Bengal had restored electricity and water supply to every part of cyclone affected areas still now the resident of Baghajatin have been facing crisis to survive.

To show their dissatisfaction for the local administration the residents of Baghajatin have blocked traffic and roads today morning with the demand to restore electricity and water on immediate basis.

According to a local resident the West Bengal administration had informed media that Restoration of electricity and water supply has been done in the cyclone affected areas.  But fact is till today electricity and water have not been restored in our area.

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