12 May 2020

Lockdown May be Extended After May 18, 2020

PM Modi has said that there will be an extension of lockdown 4.0.  The details of the extension will be shared by May 18,2020.  

Now Corona will stay here for a while but our life can't be around corona only.  And we should follow the norms of  social distancing and sanitation be done.  And all the details of lockdown 4 will be informed by May 18.  What we have is our priority and is our motive.

The details forelock Dan 4.0 will be shared on May 18th as Prime Minister Modi has given Chief Ministers of various States time up to May 15, 2020 to bring the details and what they want in lockdown 4.0.

21st century is our Country's century.  And now our country will advance with new horizons, technology and development.

Now bharat will be self independent and self developed.  Now I wish the country to stay safe and stay protected.

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