18 May 2020

Oppo Factory Shut Down In Greater Noida When It's 6 Employees Tested Positive For COVID-19

Reports have been coming in from Greater Noida where 6 employees of oppo company have been diagnosed positive for covid-19 pandemic.

According to reports this factory has resumed its operation on 8th of May 2020 after the lock down period had started.

Before it was shut down when the government had announced complete lockdown in the country.  Now this report of the employees getting infected with covid-19 oppo company in greater Noida has been set back to the company policy to start its production.

All the operations in this company has now been suspended.  Buddha Nagar district magistrate has informed that all the persons who have tested positive for covid-19 are from his district only.

The company has handover the list of the employees who are positive for covid infection to the administration for further treatment.

But this has come up as a setback with the government decision to open various factories and offices all over the country.

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