18 May 2020

Share Market Takes Of Dip Of 1000 Points Over Uncertainty

Nationwide lockdown and increase in the covid-19 patients today hovered the BSE Sensex and indexes and showed a decrease of around 1000 points in sensex.  Nifty also went below 8850 mark which is a major dip.

As the nationwide lock down has been increased till May 31st, 2020.  It hit the sentiments of the traders can share market resulting in a major fall.

Top losers remained banking sector which fail more than 9.03 % in the trademark.

Major shares which fell drastically on the BSE sensex index are ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, SBI, Maruti and Bajaj Finance.

Among the market only Infosys and ITC managed to trade in green.  Private banks and other PSU banks fell to 6.04 % on NSE.

There has been doubts on the fiscal benefit of package of the Government of India nationwide lockdown and increase in the number of patients of covid-19 hurted the sentiments of the traders.

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