19 May 2020

Telecom Secretary Assures Uninterrupted Facility Of Telecom Services

Telecom Secretary Anshu Prakash in his statement to the media has said that every thing which can be done to tackle the situation arising out of great cyclone which will hit the country soon has been done.  

And telecom sectors have been asked to be well prepared to face any such crisis.  In one such step the Telecom service providers have been asked to standby their towers by generators.  And the telecom service providers have been asked to arrange adequate supply of generators with enough diesels and to station them in all the districts so that the power cut will not hamper the services of Telecom sectors.

As whenever there is disruption of powers in the towers then these generators will restart them.

SMS alerts have also been generated to the people in the affected areas of the cyclone.  Now it is up to the state government to send the sms and in what frequency they want to send the sms.  

This service will be free of cost and local intra circle roaming charges will be taken once the cyclone passes away.

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