7 May 2020

US President Vetoes Resolution Which Restricts Him Using Military Power Against Iran

Reports have been coming ine from United States of America where US President Donald Trump has vetoed a resolution against US Congress which has restricted him to take any military action against Iran.

In a statement given to the press US President Donald Trump has said he had passed a resolution which purported him in using military power against Iran.

Trump has said that this is a very insulting resolution which has been introduced by the democratic to win election in November against US President Trump.  This has divided the Republican Party as few members Republican Party have voted against it.

According to a newspaper The Hill reported that the Congress party didn't had two third majority to pass this resolution which has restricted the powers of US President.

This resolution was passed in March and six republicans have joined the Congress in passing this resolution.

The senate of us has approved this resolution in February when eight republicans had vetoed their powers in joining with US Congress to support this resolution.

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