4 Jun 2020

11 Mumbai Returnees Tested Positive In COVID-19 In Adilabad And KB Asifabad

Reports having coming from Adilabad district in Telangana, Utnoor Mandal headquarters declared Adilabad district a containment zone and sealed off by the police on Thursday after 5 Mumbai returnees who were tested positive which has been declared late previous day.

6 Mumbai returnees which were also tested positive from Addesara Waddarguda in  Kumram Bheem Asifabad district which was later made the containment zone.

 All the 11 infected persons had arrived from Mumbai during the last five days.

All the 11 infected persons are shifted to isolation centre and and after they Coronavirus test came positive, they were shifted to Gandhi hospital Hyderabad.

Reports are coming that there was no community spread COVID-19. No infected person had allowed to stay in house, all were put in quarantine as soon as possible.

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