6 Jun 2020

Association Of Medical Consultants Writes To CM Of Maharashtra

Reports having coming in from Maharashtra where the state has been facing most of the cases in covid-19.

In Maharashtra the covid-19 outspread has been extensive with most of the hospitals Medical and paramedical staff facing lot of hardships in dealing with this pandemic.

These hardships which are being faced by medical staff and paramedical staff has been severe.  

And now the staffs are writing to the Maharashtra officals and Maharashtra chief minister Udhav Thakre about their hardships.

In this regard Association of Medical Consultants have written a letter to Maharashtra chief minister Udhav Thakre.  

The letter was written to draw the attention of Maharashtra chief minister Udhav Thakre to the problems being faced by doctors who are working as a front line staff for covid-19 pandemic.

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