23 Jun 2020

External Affairs Minister Speaks Of International Law.

Reports are coming in that external affair minister Dr s jaishankar set on Tuesday while addressing the ministerial meeting of Russia India China grouping that upholding of international norms is the only way to ensure a durable world order. He also reminded both his counterparts Russia's foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, of India’s contribution during the World War II, and Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis’ medical mission to support China as it faced a Japanese invasion.

Mr Jaishankar also address that leading voices of the World must be exemplars in every way respecting international law recognising legible automate interest of partners supporting multilateralism I am promoting common good is the only way to build a durable world order. This meeting reiterates believe in the time tested principle of international relations but the challenge today is not of concept and norms but equally of their practice.
This was the virtual meeting which is significant as it took place against the backdrop of ongoing tense situation at line of actual control with China near Ladakh. The meeting was hosted by Mr Lavrov. Russia has been supportive of a constructive dialogue between India and China to resolve the situation at LAC

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