23 Jun 2020

Patanjali To Launch Corona Ayurvedic Medicine Today

 Presently, the whole world is struggling with Corona pandemic.  In the midst of the corona epidemic, today India's largest Ayurvedic company Patanjali has launched a drug of corona.  Patanjali has today launched this special medicine of Corona in Pantjali Yoga Peeth located in Haridwar.  The name of this Ayurvedic medicine of corona virus is being told as coronil.  Baba Ramdev says that the Coronil Kit contains inhaler, coronil and atomic oil.  Coronil is made up of Giloy, Tulsi and Ashwagandha which will help strengthen your resistance.  At the same time, breathing will strengthen your respiratory system, as well as will keep you away from flu.

Acharya Balakrishna claimed that Patanjali has made Ayurvedic medicine of Corona virus.  He claimed that by consuming this Ayurvedic medicine, a patient suffering from corona will be cured in 5 to 14 days.  He further told that we had done a clinical case study on many positive patients and we have got 100 percent results.  Also, he said that in the coming days we will release related data and evidence.  The Corona cases in India are increasing rapidly.  So far, the number of corona patients in India has crossed 4.25 lakh, while 13,699 people have lost their lives.

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