23 Jun 2020

Sundar Pichai Against Trump Decision On Visas

Even after China has attacked India after spreading the virus all over the world and now America has given a big shock to India.  Now US President Donald Trump has taken a big decision for Indians who want to work in America.  President Donald Trump has extended the suspension of H1B visas as well as other working visas by the end of this year.  According to media reports, the Trump government has suspended H1B, L1 as well as other temporary visas.  According to this, now people with IT, whose H1B visa was approved in April lottery, will also not be allowed to work.

Everyone is opposing this decision of Trump government.  At this time of the epidemic, no one feels this decision of President Trump is right.  Google CEO Sundar Pichai has also termed this decision of the Trump government as wrong.  Sundar Pichai says that he is very disappointed with this decision of Trump.  People from outside the country like America have contributed a lot to the economic success of America.  Even after this, if the Trump government is taking such a decision, then it is quite wrong.  I am very disappointed in this.  We will always stand with all immigrants.

This decision of Trump will not affect those who already have a US visa.  At the same time, the US government says that because of the temporary ban on these visas, more than 5 lakh jobs will remain vacant in the US.

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