6 Jun 2020

G20 Pledges More Than $21 Billion To Fight Coronavirus

Reports are coming in that the group of 20 rich and emerging economies had pledged early on Saturday more than $21 billion to fight the Coronavirus. G20 members and other invited countries have placed over US$21 billion to support the funding in global Health . The pledge also directed towards Diagnostics, Vaccines, Therapeutics and Research and Development in the field of Medical Sciences.

The group had also come together in the month of April and joined all countries, non governmental organisation, philanthropies and  private sector and made a finance which estimated over $8 billion to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the reports of the current G20 meeting Saudi Arabia pledged $500 Million to this pandemic. Around $150 Million will allocate to the coalition for epidemic preparedness and innovation, $150 Million to the global alliance for Vaccine and Immunizations and $200 Million to other Health Organisation and Programme.

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