1 Jun 2020

Now Air Travel Would Be Costlier

Accordingaccording to reports have been coming in from aviation industry there will be huge change in the price of airfare in India.   

On the very first day of the month, there has been a huge jump in the prices of LPG.  Along with this there is a huge increase in prices  in air fuels as well.  

According to the news oil companies of the country have increased the price of non-subsidized cylinders by Rs. 50 to 11 rupees in Delhi, after which now the LPG price would be Rs. 593.

Domestic flights were banned from last 2 months due to the lockdown.  Due to which the cash crisis has come on the companies that provide air travel.  In such a situation, due to increase in the prices of air fuels a big crisis has come up to appear on the air companies.  From June 1, there has been an increase of about 50 percent on aircraft fuel aviation turbine fuel aerial fuel.  

According to the website of Petroleum Company Indian Oil, air fuels have been increased from Rs 11030.62 per kl to Rs 33,575.37 per kl.  After air fuel is expensive, now air travel can be expensive, which will have a direct effect on the passengers.

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