1 Jun 2020

United States Under Mass Protest By American Africans:- US President Shifted To Underground Bunker

Report have been coming in from US where mass protest has been going on since yesterday and in which it was so severe that US President Donald Trump has to be shifted to a bunker below White House for an hour.

According to reports Trump was there for about an hour before being brought upstairs again.  However it is quite and clear if milena Trump and Barron Trump also accompanied him to the down stairs bunker of White House.

Mass protest help in going on across United States of America.  Around 40 states of US have been under this mass protest.

United States of America has imposed curfew to the continuing protest against the death of African American man George Floyd in police custody.

United States have activated National Guard Members in 15 States and Washington has activated around 2000 National Guard Members in Washington DC.

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