16 Jun 2020

Pakistan Releases Two Indian Diplomats Abducted Yesterday On Charges Of Carrying Fake Currency

As report has been coming in Pakistan had released two Indian high commission officials who were abducted on Monday morning by Pakistani agencies.

Aishwarya sports yesterday to staff which were on official work in Islamabad Pakistan were abducted by Pakistani agencies on charges of carrying fake currency with them.

When the arrest place it was stated that both the officials were abducted as they were found involved in an road accident in Pakistan.

But later when they were released in the evening Pakistani officials has stated that these Indian diplomat Swarg carrying Rs 10,000 of fake currency with them.

The Indian staff it was released had injury marks on their bodies.

India has mark its opposition to Pakistan officials regarding the abduction of Indian personal and has stated a formal protest of Pakistan violating Vienna convention and 1992 bilateral code of conduct which was held between both the countries.

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