1 Jul 2020

Bombs That Destroy Balakot Will Be Purchased In Large Quantities

 You will remember the devastation caused by the Indian fighter jets in Balakot, Pakistan last year.  Fighter planes dropped into the Pakistan border and bombed the terrorist bases in Balakot in Pakistan, bordering the Indian border.  Spice 2000 bomb was used by India for this air strike.  Now India is preparing to buy the advanced version of these powerful bombs.  In view of the ongoing tension with China, the Indian government has given emergency financial power to the three armies.  That is, these army can buy ammunition according to their need.

 Let me tell you that the army will be allowed to buy weapons systems up to five hundred crores.  After which the Indian Army has started planning to buy Spice 2000 bomb.  So that the army will have more amount of stand-off weapons.  The specialty of Spice 2000, which caused havoc in Balakot, is that it can hit a distance of 70 km.  Its advanced version can destroy even stronger bases like bunker.  Being laser guided, this bomb can be fired even when it is far away from the target.  Air forces of many countries including Bharat Israel use it.

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