18 Jul 2020

Borders Of Haridwar Sealed Adjoining Uttar Pradesh

Reports from Haridwar has been coming that all the borders of Haridwar which were adjoining its neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh has been sealed till July 20, 2020.

This has been done with a view that there has been a widespread outbreak of covid-19 and there are large number of positive cases coming up from Uttar Pradesh.

Somvati amavasya which is a very pious day for Hindus have soon been arising.  And with the view of somvati amavasya arising various steps have been taken to prevent outspread of covid-19 on that day in Haridwar.

As a precautionary measure senthil Avodoi K Raj SSP, Haridwar Uttarakhand has said that taking dip in the holy rivers and taking bath at ghats will not be allowed on Somvati Amavasya.

All the precautions will be taken to stop the outspread of covid-19 n Uttarakhand and these measures have been taken with a view of the present situation of covid-19.

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