20 Jul 2020

Good News On Corona Vaccine

 Every country is fighting a war against corona virus epidemic.  Till now, crores of people have fallen prey to this dangerous virus.  While this virus has created an atmosphere of fear all over the world, now a good news is also coming.  Actually, now the world can get rid of this virus soon, because many vaccines being made around the world have reached their last stage.
 A good and important news about the Covid-19 vaccine can come from Oxford University.  Oxford University is soon to release data on the initial clinical trial of its vaccine.  Many countries around the world have great expectation from this vaccine.  With this, Moderna company of America is also going to start the last phase of clinical trial of its vaccine.  India is not far behind in this race, the vaccine COVAXIN and ZYCOV-D made by Indian companies are also in their final stages.  Human trials of both vaccines have started.  If the human trials of these vaccines are correct then soon the world will get rid of this virus.

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