28 Jul 2020

Know Which Cities Will Be Given Corona Vaccine First

 The Corona virus vaccine is at its peak worldwide.  Thousands of people are dying due to this epidemic.  Till now the vaccine has not been prepared for this virus, but everyone is quite hopeful of the vaccine being made by Oxford University.  This vaccine has been named Kovid Shield.

 According to the news, the final phase of the vaccine is going to be trial in India.  For which the company will produce the vaccine and trial it on a large scale in India.  Now the question arises that in India, the people of which city will be tested first on this vaccine.  Let us know that Maharashtra is the most affected by this epidemic in India, in such a situation, this vaccine can be given to the people living in Pune and Mumbai first.
 Let us tell you that along with Oxford University, the Serum Institute of India Company of Pune, India will produce this vaccine.  Regarding the vaccine, the company's CEO Adar Poonawala says that for the final trial of the vaccine, four to five thousand people living in Pune and Mumbai can be vaccinated in August.

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