16 Jul 2020

Passion For Hobby Changes A Person

People have many kinds of hobbies in the world.  Someone is very fond of cars, then someone used to roam, but have you ever seen someone change their house and children's names due to their hobbies? 

Today we tell you about one such camera amateur in India, whose craze for the camera was such that he had changed the names from his home to children.

 Actually, we are telling you about Ravi Hongal, 49, a resident of Belagavi, Karnataka, who is a photographer by profession.  Ravi's passion for photography and camera is such that he has built his house in the shape of a camera.

The price of the house is by Rs 71 lakh.  He has also named the house as click.  In order to build such a house, Ravi saved money by doing photography at wedding party and started a studio of his own.  Gradually the business grew.  

The family grew and then they named their first son Canon, Canon is a type of camera.  After this Ravi had two sons and he also named them Nikon and Epson after the camera. 

Not only this, this house of Ravi has now become a hangout for photographers and selfie lovers.  Many photographers are appreciating this passion of Ravi and Ravi is very happy to see that.

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