16 Jul 2020

Hacking Made Easy By Virtual Currency

Hacking is a task that can easily be achieved by anyone's personal information.  One can also be blackmailed by hacking.  

Recently some hackers have hacked the Twitter accounts of the world's top leaders, celebrities and companies and demanded bitcoins from them in return. 

What is this bitcoin for which hackers hack to such an extent

 In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoti created Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency.  A crypto currency is a currency built on computer algorithms.  It is available only on internet and computer.  

Digital or crypto currency is a virtual currency operating on the Internet.  It is not controlled by any bank or government.  

In India, the Reserve Bank has not recognized this, but the Supreme Court has allowed transactions in crypto currencies through virtual currency.  

Apart from Bitcoin, there are other crypto currencies in the world, such as Red Coin, Sia Coin, Siskoin, Voice Coin and Monroe.  

Today the rate of bitcoin has reached in thousands of dollars.  That is why hackers are now asking for bitcoins by hacking so that more money can be earned.

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