25 Aug 2020

13 Year Old Develops Mobile Game In Covid Time

Reports have been coming in from Manipur where a 13 year old student have developed a mobile game in this covid period.

As per reports coming in this game has been based on COVID guidelines is now available for Android users.

According to the description of the app on Google play store, “Coroboi, a boy from India(Manipur) is stranded and wants to return home. 

The more description adds that Wearing Leirum Phee (Manipuri traditional cloth) and a Mask, he will run towards his goal. 

According to the later stages of the game the player will be earning points during his journey. If the police caught him, a fine of 5000 points will be deducted.

While talking to ANI, Ningthoujam said that he wants to become an ethical hacker.

It took the boy around 3 months to complete this game and develop this game as an app and put it on the Google Play Store.  

According to the boy who had developed this game since he was new to this game and development of the game.  As per reports he browsed to develop the app for around three to four weeks as to how to develop app based game.

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