20 Aug 2020

Facebook Removes Nearly 800 QAnon Conspiracy Groups

Reports have been coming in by Reuters.  

Reuter has reported that in an unprecedented decision from Facebook, Facebook has removed nearly 800 QAnon conspiracy groups.

These groups have been removed from Facebook because these groups have been sharing posts celebrating violence, showing intent to use weapons, or attracting followers with patterns of violent behavior.

We have seen in the last one year that the content which has been put up in Facebook has violence and disrupting news which has been coming up for the viewers.

Now the decision which has been taken by Facebook for deleting this type of Facebook accounts is a major decision in making the content and ensuring off post on Facebook more valuable and authenticate.

In the past Facebook has been facing lot of criticism for fake accounts and the personal information being shared without being in knowledge of the users to various agencies.  

And now with the the blocking of these accounts permanently Facebook has been trying to restore its image in front of its uses.

Now this will be the time to see as to how this step of Facebook is helping itself and restoring its image and helping the users to restore their privacy.

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