27 Aug 2020

Longest Tunnel Built To Connect Leh Will Be Inaugurated By PM Modi In September Last

Reports having coming in from Himachal Pradesh where the world's longest road tunnel located at 10 thousand feet has been completed in the country.  

As per reports it took around ten years to complete it.  And now Ladakh will remain fully connected throughout the year.  Because of this the distance between Manali and Leh has reduced by about 46 kilometers.  

As per reports its name is Atal Rohtang Tunnel.  It is named after former Prime Minister Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

This Atal Rohtang Tunnel is built at an altitude of 10,171 feet and is connecting it to Rohtang Pass.  It is the world's longest and longest road tunnel.  It is about 8.8 km long and 10 meters wide. 

This tunnel has brought the distance from Manali to Leh reduced by 46 kilometers.  Now you can complete this distance in just 10 minutes.

According to reports excluding this four more tunnels are proposed on the Nali-Leh road at present, this tunnel has been completed.  

It is expected that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate it in late September.  

This tunnel will connect Manali to Leh and will also connect Manali in Kullu district to Lahul-Spiti district.
Indian troops deployed in Ladakh will be the most benefited.  As now arms and logistics will be easily supplied to them even in winter.  

The average speed to run in this tunnel will be of 80 kilometers per hour.  

Its construction had started on 28 June 2010 and is built by the Border Road Organization (BRO). 

This tunnel is built in such a way that 3000 cars or 1500 trucks can be simultaneously discharged inside it.  It has cost about 4 thousand crores rupees.  The ventilation system is also based on Australian technology.

DRDO has also helped in designing this tunnel so that it is not affected by snow and avalanche.  Traffic should not be disrupted under any weather. CCTV cameras will be installed inside the tunnel at a certain distance to control the speed and accidents.

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