1 Aug 2020

Mid Air Collision Of Two Planes Leave 7 Dead In Alaska

Reports have been coming in from Alaska where two planes collided in mid air killing all the seven occupants of the both the planes.

As per reports coming in yesterday at around 8:30 a.m. two planes collided with each other in mid air.  There are around 10 witnesses to this incidence.

There were one person on board one plane and six persons were on board other plane.  According to commissioner Amanda police this is a very tragic loss to the multiple families of all these seven people.

Troopers and paramedical forces have worked day and night to reach out to the families of all the seven people and notify them for the tragic loss in their families.

There was only a sole survivor to this plane crash who had also succumbed to the injuries on the way to the hospital.

As per reports majority of the rackets was scattered in 200 yards from the Sterling highway road.

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