26 Aug 2020

Prince Sulaiman Contradictory Statement

Reports have been coming in from Saudi Arabia where The Prince of Saudi Arabia Suleman has given and very contradictory statement.

According to the reports which have been coming in Prince Sulaiman in an interview given to Abi Dhabi Patrika has said that Pakistan and Indian Muslims are not real Muslims.

As per reports Saudi Arabia Prince have been interacting with the media personals and in that interaction he has said that Indian Pakistani and Bangladesh Muslims are not real Muslims.

As before this religion they were Hindus and were converted to Muslim religion. So in that way these Muslims are not real Muslims.

According to Prince Sulaiman Mohammed Saheb real heir the Muslims of Saudi Arab and not of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

However the said interview is not of a recent one but this interview has been given in Abu Dhabi in the year 2017.

The prince of Abu Dhabi also confirmed that the Muslims of these three countries are not real Muslims since they had been converted from Hindu religion and this Muslims are not the real heirs of Muhammad.

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