28 Aug 2020

US President Donald Trump Informs That The Country Is About To Launch Vaccine

Reports have been coming in from United States of America where Donald Trump president of USA has informed media that the vaccines which USA has been preparing is in the final stages.

As per reports US President Donald Trump has previously informed that the country has been in progress of making 3 different vaccines for covid-19.  

And all the three vaccines are right now in their final stages and are in the final trial stage.

President Donald Trump has informed that the country has been producing large amount of dosages of all the three medicines of covid-19 so that they may be easily available to the the citizens.

According to US President Donald Trump these three medicines will be safe and effective vaccine and will be in the market later this year. He said that together the country will crush the virus and will win over this situation. 

US President Donald Trump was speaking at the Republican National Convention where he has accepted the nomination for the president post of The United States of America.

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