16 Sept 2020

Corona Will Stay As A Seasonal Disease

Corona will always be a seasonal disease - study

 It has been almost 10 months since the world has been battling the corona epidemic. But till today no country has been able to make a vaccine for this epidemic.  

At the same time a new information is coming in from scientists. According to one of a scientists once herd immunity is obtained against the corona virus, it can remain as a seasonal disease.

 Herd immunity means that when half of the world's population gets immunized after being infected by the epidemic then the world will get herd immunity against corona.  

And once the herd immunity is received the spread of the virus will also reduce. However, corona can become a seasonal disease once it has acquired herd immunity.

 According to a media reports an author at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, based in his research has warned that the corona is not going to go anywhere, it will stay here and until the herd immunity develops, it will It will continue for years. Therefore, people have to include habits like wearing masks and washing hands to live with the corona.

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