23 Sept 2020

Covid Testing Capacity Of The Country Has Increased:- Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare

Reports have been coming in from Ministry of Health and Family welfare where in a press release the ministry has confirmed that the testing capacity of covid-19 in the country has been increased drastically as to stop the spread of covid-19.

If the case is detected at an early stage then there is a possibility that it won't spread to other people and early diagnosis will lead to early treatment.

India's testing capacity has surged to more than 12L daily tests. Higher than 6.5 cr total tests have been conducted across the country. 

Higher testing leads to early identification of positive cases. As evidence revealed, eventually positivity rate will fall.

 According to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare as India rides the wave of very High testing, several States/UTs have demonstrated better COVID19 response with higher Tests Per Million (TPM) and commensurate lower positivity rate than the national average.

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