30 Sept 2020

Did Sushant Objected Identity Of Bihar

Bollywood Desk: More than three months have passed since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. But still his fans cannot forget him. The CBI team is trying to solve the mystery of Sushant's death. But after Sushant's death, the thing that came in the most discussion was that of Sushant being Bihari. Those who knew Sushants very few of them knew that he was from Bihar. After the death of that Sushant, he started being recognized as an actor from Bihar across the country.

 Sushant used to hide his Bihari image

 It is said that whoever goes with the wind of Bollywood forgets his old life in a way. Something similar was also with Sushant, Sushant often tried to hide his Bihari image.  

In many interviews, Sushant was seen saying that, he has completed his studies from Delhi. Or he used to say that his hometown is Patna. When Sushant shot for the MS Dhoni film. After that he was asked that you would not have had any problem in catching Dhoni's language as you are also from Patna itself. 

Seeing all these old interviews, it seems as if Sushant had objected to being a Bihari and wanted to change the image of his Bihari image. But after his death, he was made a boy of Bihar.  

Political parties of Bihar are also taking advantage of Sushant's death. In the coming elections, parties want to pull their voters as justice to Sushant. The BJP party of Bihar has also prepared an election poster in the name of Sushant.

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