16 Sept 2020

Idol Makers Worstly Affected To Earn Livelihood

With the onset of covid-19 in the country the life of many people have been miserable and people are struggling to earn their living and livelihood.

Many stories have been coming up of these people who were running their livelihood by doing small time business of idol makers.  

Nowadays the main business of idol makers have been worstly affected as all the pooja programs which was scheduled in the coming days have been cancelled due to the the social distancing norms and lockdown of covid-19.

Many such stories have been coming up from various parts of the country especially from Bengal and Tripura.

Here the businesses of idol makers have been worstly affected and they have been struggling hard on to earn the livelihood  as most of the orders have been cancelled.

Even the festival season have approaching soon the idol makers are left with no work.  Business of idol makers in Agartala also remains affected ahead of Vishwakarma Puja, due to COVID19 pandemic.

An idol maker says, "We are facing difficulties as we depend on festivals for our livelihood. There is very less work. It has become difficult for us to sustain." 

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