3 Sept 2020

Karnataka Coming Back To Normal in Unlock 4.0

Reports have been coming in from Karnataka where the Karnataka: Government has started going ahead for unlock 4 and various centres of attraction has been opened an unlock 4.

As per reports coming in Karnataka Government has allowed opening of pubs & restaurants to serve liquor, as part of Unlock4. 

Karnataka which has faced a large number of covid-19 cases and it was one of the first state to implement lockdown is now bringing the life of people back to normal.

Even as the cases of covid-19 is increasing day by day in the City the government decision to open various centre of attraction could be dangerous but yet life has to be bring back to track.

One of the Owner of a pub in Bengaluru has said that, "When government allowed only dining at pubs, one or two people visited at a time. Now that liquor is allowed, there is a good footfall." 

The businesses in various sectors have been badly affected and people have been trying hard to meet their demands.

Still life has been coming back to track after unlock 4 has come into existence as in Delhi also Metros will be running from September 7 which is the highest mode of connectivity in the national capital of the country.

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