1 Sept 2020

PM Modi 'Mann Ki Baat' Most Dislikes Number Increasing. Is PM Modi Popularity Losing It's Charm?

Reports have been coming in suggesting that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly talk show, Mann Ki Baat this Sunday has been one of the most disliked videos of PM Modi.
The Mann ki baat of Prime Minister Modi which is the talk show of PM Modi and aired by All India Radio, Door Darshan as well as a large number of private channels, besides streaming on several Youtube channels and Facebook has been facing criticism on Sunday.

PM’s own Youtube channel and the BJP’s official Youtube channel have been facing large number of dislikes than likes by huge margins. The  dislikes had surged to 8 lakh while likes has stood 1.4 Lakh despite the BJP’s IT cell working round the clock to generate likes.

Talking about the dislikes a possible reason cited for huge dislikes is the PM’s complete silence on students protesting against holding the JEE-NEET entrance tests on September 13. While the Supreme Court has dismissed pleas for deferring the test in view of the lockdown and non-availability of transport. 

It was expected that the Prime Minister would take on this issue in his radio talk and could possibly announce postponement of the exam.

However, the Prime Minister made no reference to the on-going agitation by students and the opposition. Six opposition states of the country have filed a review petition in the Supreme Court.  But to this review petition Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has cited the fact that most of the Admit cards had been downloaded as indicative of examinees’ being in favour of holding the exams.

The students were not impressed by this reason given by the Education Minister. However it is evident that thousands of examinees will not be able to appear in the tests because buses and trains are not available in various parts of the country.   

Due to lockdown and some examinees are coming from poor background because of that they do not have access to personal vehicle or cannot afford to pay cabs.

Supreme Court Justice Arun Mishra who had dismissed the petition for postponing the exams was due to retire this week.

He had famously said that ‘life must go on’ the time he dismissed petition for postponing the examination on Monday was trolled heavily.

He had turned down his farewell party by giving the reason of pandemic and lockdown restrictions. 

This is the first time when BJP led Prime Minister is getting most of the dislikes on social media platform.  BJP is often termed as the most advertise party of the world.  Since it's National Spokesperson Sambhit Patra works day and night to bring BJP as No:-1 most liked party of the country.  

And now this video is bringing much defame to the party advertisement.  However as per reports searched in around 98% of the dislikes coming in is from outside the country and not from India.  But the video of the PM of the country getting so much large number of dislikes is a matter of thought process.

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