23 Oct 2020

Does The Story Of Modi-Nitish's Ends On Tejaswi's Glory

Till now no leader has decided the agenda of Bihar election, no party has decided, no government has decided. But it looks like a folk singer has decided. 

The singer has raised a question on the situation in Bihar. In Bihar, there is unemployment, corruption and MNREGA is not working properly. Now while the election campaign is at its peak. The answer to this has started coming from the public and the answer is that there is a revolt in Bihar. 

Yes, the system that is going on in is of revolt, the rebellion could be felt from the slogans and the slogans which are being thrown up by that system.

Actually, Bihar's mandate is once again astounding. Lalu Yadav does not surprise Nitish Kumar more than his presence, he is doing more than his non-attendance. 

In just 15 days, Tejashwi Yadav has changed the air and in this air, like Nitish, he is seen shaken by this air. In their meetings, slogans of Lalu Yadav's Zindabad are being raised 

There will be a question in your mind that even the combined charisma of Nitish and Modi will be very strong. So it is the answer that now neither Nitish Kumar nor Modi do have any charm left. Because the story of both has ended in the greed of power. Especially what happened to the migrant laborers of Bihar during the Corona transition, the way they reached Bihar on foot from Maharashtra, the way millions of people got jobs, the way people went without treatment. This has proved that Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar as mere jugglers. But the public wants to calculate the gimmick of both.

Nitish met Modi in Lalu's name, but the later the transition changed and double engine government derailed in Bihar. 

But it is not a matter of fact that the public has been troubled by this and this problem is seen in the meetings of Tejashwi Yadav. 

On one hand, hundreds of people are not able to gather even in the BJP meetings by even disbursing crores of rupees. At the same in Tejashwi's meetings, the public is overflowing without any management. Nitish Modi's entire charisma has been limited to Bhumihars, Brahmins, Kayasthas and Kurmis. But the equation which was left outside Lalu Yadav was destroyed. After demolishing it, Nitish Kumar seized power from Lalu Yadav. Tejashwi Yadav has not only resurrected Lalu Yadav while in jail, but has also given him an extension. The political equation played by Tejashwi by joining hands with other parties is also going to be converted into votes and this is the heart of Nitish Modi's alliance.

This time there is no change in the vote of 14 percent Yadav and 18 percent Muslims. In this, at least 4 percent of the votes will be added to the Dalit, Maha Dalit and backward classes. 

Then after 36 percent of the votes, there is nothing left in the election. Tejaswi is assuming that Bhumihars, Brahmin and Kayasthas will not vote for them, the way BJP has distributed tickets. It is clear from him that he has also accepted that he will not get the votes of Muslim, Yadavs and Dalits. Because in the ticket sharing of 110 seats out of 243 seats, BJP has played claim on 51 seats in forward whose population is only 16 percent. 

Out of these 51 seats, 22 seats have been given to Rajputs, 15 Bhumihars to 11 Brahmins and three Kayasthas. In the remaining seats, the OBC has given tickets to Dalits, who have 74 percent of the population. 

But out of these, 15 tickets have been given to the Yadavs. Actually, BiJP is calculating the mathematics of 2015. 

BJP has fielded 65 candidates for the forward caste and lost 104 out of 157 seats. This time again BJP is making the same mistake. Tejashwi has created such a storm in front of Nitish and Modi that they do not have the answer. Tejashwi is calm, everyone has accepted him as he never talks like BJP. These same acts of Tejashwi have won the hearts of the people of Bihar.

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