30 Oct 2020

Is Nitish Prognostic His Defeat?

As the first phase of voting has finished in Bihar.  And the voters has showed enthusiasm in the middle of the Corona period, after which Nitish Kumar's complete confidence has now been shaken. 

As the queue grew longer, Nitish's smile also started growing and his eyes were based only in PM Modi's rallies in Bihar.   In those rallies Nitish Kumar could not even describe the government's work and appeared only to ask for votes in the name of Modi government.

The words of Nitish Kumar, once a staunch opponent of PM Modi, have now completely changed. Nitish's self-confidence has also started to deteriorate after the first round of voting begins. 

Narendra Modi had three rallies in Bihar on Wednesday and Nitish Kumar was also on the stage of these rallies. What Nitish Kumar said to the voters during this period was surprising. Nitish Kumar appealed for the votes not for his 15 years of government's work, but the work of  6 years of Modi government. 

Appreciating PM Modi, he said that the central government gave Patna gift of Metro, Smart City Scheme, Ujjwala scheme in Bihar and also constructed many roads. He also crowned development to Modi government in front of the people. 

Although many BJP candidates were confident that this time Nitish Kumar will not get voters trust. Therefore, the party had also kept Nitish Kumar away from its campaigning banners and posters. Now Nitish has also started feeling that it is not easy to win elections in his name. That is why he have started asking for votes in the name of PM Modi.

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