14 Oct 2020

Kangana Finally Gets Support From Bollywood

Kangna got the support of this actress, teamed up with Deepika

Entertainment Desk: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who was standing alone against Bollywood on drugs issue and nepotism gang after the drug case surfaced in the Sushant case so far, has now found a partner. 

Actually, actress and model Sherlyn Chopra has come in support of Kangana Ranaut. Sherlyn has supported Kangana Ranaut in a tweet.

Sherlyn Chopra always remain in news with her bold photos and furious statements. Now Sherlyn has resorted to Kangana to get into the headlines, and while supporting Kangana, Sherlyn has taken on actress Deepika without naming her. 

Sherlyn has written in her tweet that, Kangana ji is right, you have blown the goods and raised slogans of depression and pushed the young generation of the country into darkness.

Actually, here Sherlyn's tweet is being attributed to Deepika Padukone because Deepika Padukone's name was recently ravaged in the drugs case.

Since then, the news of Deepika's use of drugs came to light. Whereas before this, Deepika has talked many times about her depression. So here Sherlyn's stitch is being linked to Deepika Padukone.

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