14 Oct 2020

Kangana Ranaut Blames Aamir Divorce Reason Behind His Daughter Depression

According to latest reports coming in Ira Khan who is the daughter of Aamir Khan has posted a video in which she has stated that she has been suffering under severe depression for the last four years.

In the video Ira has mentioned the details about her struggle and her hardships in the last four years which she has undergone.  This video has been posted in a tweet on Twitter by Ira Khan.

This tweet of Ira Khan was retweeted again by Kangana Ranaut in which she has indirectly mentioned the diverse of Aamir Khan and Reena Khan who is the ex wife of Aamir Khan, the reason behind the depression of the star kid.

Kangana Ranaut has also mentioned her struggle when her sister was attacked and was burnt by acid.  And at that time Kangana was facing all these hardships single handedly.

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