10 Nov 2020

Class 2 Student Become Youngest Python Programming Language Expert

Reports having coming in from Gujarat where are class 2 student had created history by becoming the youngest programmer in computers and clearing python programming language exam.

As per reports Arham Om Talsania, a Class 2 student from Ahmedabad, created Guinness World Record as World’s Youngest Computer Programmer by clearing Python programming language exam at the age of six. 

According to Arham, his father has taught him tablets and coding when he was mere 2 years old.  He had started using tablets at an early age and now he can do to complex programming easily.

Arham has been given a certificate in Guinness Book of World record for clearing python complex programming language certificate exam at an early age.   

Arham not only completed the certificate course in python but also become the first person to complete the course in merely 15 minutes.

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