19 Nov 2020

Sensex Opens At A Downfall Trend Hitting Hard At Reality Sectors

According to latest propose coming in the big bull took up big plunch today morning.  As the Sensex for rapidly today morning touching the below mark of 44000 in the opening sessions.

This is a major correction which has been coming up in BSE index.  The sensex which is losing around 277 points in the pre-opening session. 

Sensex currently trading at 44,024 points, down by nearly 156 points.

The Nifty also show the downward trend with currently trading at 12,900 points which is down by 38 points.  The downfall of the sensex is because of many reasons which have been covering up lately.  

This downfall has been seen because of sudden fall in reality and auto sectors which are worst affected in this scenario.

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