3 Nov 2020

Some States Of The Country Faces High Covid Cases Than Past Months

Reports have been coming in from Union Health Ministry where Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary has said that the government have observed a declining trend for weekly new cases over last 7 weeks. 

According to recent statement there's major fall in weekly new cases. Health care systems are not unnecessarily burdened with COVID19 cases. There's less pressure on network of hospitals.  

As per records there are few states where active cases are on a rise in November as compared to October. Manipur has now 3500 cases from previous 2000. Cases in Delhi have increased to 33000 from 26000. In Kerala, cases have increased to 86000 from 77000.

Recovery rate is near 92% and cumulative positive rate is 7.4%. Cases per million population are at 5991. 

COVID19 deaths are at 89 deaths per million population which is lower if compared globally. Active cases are around 5,41,000 now.

According to Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Ministry Festival season is still not over so it is important to continue following COVID19 guidelines so that there is no surge in cases. 

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