15 Dec 2020

Mamta's Trouble Due To Owaisi's Announcement

 Assembly elections in Bengal will be announced in the next three to four months. Election Commission has started its preparations from political parties. Many of the same parties have decided to contest elections in Bengal for the first time and AIMIM party chief Asuddin Owaisi has also made his entry in the state. Owaisi is going to visit Bengal soon.

 There is already a political riot between the Mamata government and the BJP in the assembly elections to be held in West Bengal. BJP has given its full strength to penetrate Mamta's battle, so after a tremendous performance in Bihar, Owaisi's party has announced to contest the assembly elections in Bengal. Owaisi has set up its organization in 22 out of 23 districts of Bengal and the party booth level has started insisting on the deployment of its workers. Owaisi is eyeing those seats where the Muslim population is more than 50 percent.

 Owaisi is eyeing the Muslim majority seats of Murshidabad, Malda, Uttar Dinajpur. Apart from this, preparations are on to field candidates in other seats of the state. 

The Muslim population in 74 assembly seats in Bengal is 40 to 90 percent and TMC had the highest number of votes in these seats in the 2016 assembly elections. TMC had captured 60 seats out of 74 seats, but now Owaisi's eye is on these seats. In such a situation, Owaisi has stood on Mamta's government as a mountain of problems.

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