15 Dec 2020

Meerut: Young Girl Killed By Her Brother After She Denied To Make Chapatis

In a bizzare incidence coming up from Meerut a young girl was shot dead by her own brother after she denied to make chapatis for the street dogs which her brother would daily pressurise her to do. 

As per reports coming in from Meerut a 25-year-old man has been held for shooting his sister dead in Bhawanpur area. 

SP Dehat Keshav Kumar has informed media of the bizzare incidence.  He had said that every day, the accused would ask his sister to make rotis for his 20 pet dogs. Yesterday he shot her dead when she denied to make chapattis for the dogs.

The accused has been arrested and further investigations are being done to correlate the incidence and to bring other causes behind this act.

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