17 Dec 2020

Will Manjhi Go with Tejashwi, Nitish Government May fall

Since the assembly elections in Bihar, Nitish Kumar has become the Chief Minister. Since then, there has been some agitation in the politics of the state. Recently, the chances of danger on Nitish government have started to appear. Jitan Ram Manjhi is thinking of changing the ground again. If you look at the last four elections in Bihar, Manjhi appeared with a different coalition of times and it has not been a month since the result of the assembly elections in Bihar that Manjhi is preparing to jump again.

 In Bihar, the NDA government under Nitish Kumar is facing problems.  On one hand, where the BJP is continuously putting pressure on the Nitish government, now the President of Hindustan Awam Morcha and former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi can increase the odds of Nitish Kumar. Manjhi is currently suffering from infection. Hearing the news of Manjhi's infection, Leader of the Opposition Tejashwi Yadav wished him good health.  In his reply, Manjhi tweeted that Tejashwi must be called the youth leader of Bihar. After Manjhi's tweet, a phase of speculation has started in the politics of Bihar. After Manjhi's tweet in Tejashwi's way, the NDA also created a furore. Before the Bihar Assembly elections, when Manjhi was in the Grand Alliance, he had praised Nitish Kumar and after a few days left the Grand Alliance and came with Nitish and now Manjhi has praised Tejashwi, there was a stir in the NDA. It is believed that Manjhi is pressurizing the Nitish government.

 Manjhi is considered an expert in changing frost. He contested the 2010 assembly election while in the NDA alliance on JDU ticket, Manjhi split from JDU before the 2015 assembly elections and formed his new party Hindustan Awam Morcha and contested 2019 Lok Sabha elections with BJP's support. Prior to this, Manjhi left the NDA and joined the Grand Alliance and contested with the Grand Alliance. Before the 2020 assembly elections, Manjhi again brought up and joined the NDA. In such a situation, change the frost again in Manjhi, the NDA's beating has increased. Because Nitish Kumar's government is focused on the cooperation of Manjhi's Hum and Mukesh Shahani's BIP. In such a situation, Manjhi again reversed, and Nitish government would fall.

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