28 Jan 2021

Boycoting the president address to protest for farm law: says opposition

the protest of farm law is take a big issue day by day. the protest is raiseing so much unsatisfaction in farmer life. and they are starting there protest in many ways. and the parde of 26 january is a cause of this incident .where to much voilence held in national capital.  this type of condition is a very difficult for the government because next election in coming in Bangal. and the BJP is planning for the victory in Bangal and try to replace TMC and TMC chief mamta banerjee from the chair of chief minister. but in this crucial condition the government is big farmer protest in delhi for the farm law which was passed in parliment 2 months ago. 

and recently a tweet is reported by ANI  Gulam nabi Azad a senior leader of congress says that "we're issuing a statement from 16 politicial parties that we're boycotting president's Address that Parliament tomorrow. The major reason behind this decision is that the Bills (Farm Laws) were passed forcibly in House, without Opposition.


it means opposition parties are coming together against the government for the farm law. so it seems to be difficult for the government because one side farmers are protesting the government and another side opposition politicial parties are coming together against the government. so now what government will handle the situation it will be intresting to see in future.


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