28 Jan 2021

kangana ranaut over farmer voilence calls herself 'failure'.


kangana ranaut is so upset about the farmer protest. and she blaming herself for not able to protect the farmers. she feels so sad about this incident and she regreating on the violence. as you know we told about the farmer protest  which was change from peace to violence in the occasion of repubic day where farmer union are organised the tractor parade in national capital.

and to much mess and violence created in national capital. and many injunred including police personnel, media personality, and the farmers. basicly happen this ,when tractor parade is continuing in the national capital there is some anti elements are entered in national capital and they violate the and order and start the violence in national capital. 

kangana ranaut says she feel enormous failure as she could not prevent the  farmer protest turning into voilence on republic day ,despite of her best efforts.

she tweeted that "I did my best to avoid this but i failed.....i may be spec in the scheme of things but my failure is least its feels like head hang in shame. I could not protect the intergity of my nation. I am no one still I am every one..and I am failure today.

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