28 Jan 2021

measures to revive stress sector, street looking for borrowing plan.

 The union budget 2021-22 will be present on 1st february. CCPA has sad that budget will be present on 1st fabruary. and the president of india will address joint parliament session in 29 january. CCPA said that the budget session will be held from 29 january  to 15 febuary. the second part of budget sessio will be held on 8 march to 8 april. 

Expectation from  budget 2021-22.

1.Hopeful the inflation risk will be tackled more from supply side.

2.upcoming union budget should be emphasize measures for relaxation norms. and national supply chain is of paramount critically in 2021.

4.There is need of increase investing in  virtual from of learning and training.

5. Improtant to have a set framework and policy compliance for all businesses in india.

6.There is requirement in term of providing further incentives to the industry. 

expectation are running high on the budget 2021-22 for big-bang measures. so its hopeful that budget 2021-22 will be repair the Economy loss because of pandemic. so all the farmers and the businessman have a lots of hope by this budget and defanatly the government will fulfil there demand.

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