3 Jan 2021

Crows Dying Mysteriously Is This An Severe Bird Flu Alarm In The Country?

Reports have been coming in from Rajasthan where in a unique manner crows have been dying in the state.

As per reports the crows were found to be infected with the deadly bird flu. According to the wildlife department of Rajasthan, over 300 crows died due to bird flu in different parts of the state including Jodhpur, Baran and Kota. 

Nearly 100 peacocks and hens were also found dead in Nagaur and Panwar area respectively.

Kunji Lal Meena, Rajasthan Principal Secretary has said that till now, 47 crows have died in Kota, 100 in Jhalawar and 72 in Baran. No death reported in Bundi. We are taking necessary steps to spread awareness and control the situation.

As per recent reports coming in from Rajasthan Animal Husbandry Minister Lalchand Kataria on bird flu situation in the State has said that it's a serious matter and an emergency meeting of concerned officials has been called. We are monitoring the situation closely.

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